Boufiole N°2 : wink

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Boufiole N°2 : emoticon wink

Sensory object or projector or whistle or spot light when it is "connected" to your cell phone, the "boufiole" will magically illuminate, your intimate and shared moments ...

Boby de Lyon is the inventor of the "boufiole": he offers us a first season, in 69 boufioles, called "symboléo".

Boby de Lyon will publish each week two new "boufioles" ...

Maker : lens: PLA orange translucent-color fabb - 1.1 mm body: PLA: melon yellow-fillamentum

ep layer: 0.15 70% filling quality: "optimal" place on bed without support

printing time 1h12; mass 11g, 2.9m, prusa i3mk3

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boufiole_emoticon_clin d'oeil_bdl_v8.stl
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