A modular solution for your plants. We are using it for our Cacti /Cactuses, but you can also use every kind of plant. The windows are very good for a good airflow to the roots and they are preventing overwatering or that something is rotting inside.

In summer they are standing separated at our balcony and in winter together in our living room. Everything is standing very narrow together and it is possible to print out some more houses.

You can choose between 20 covers, so you only need to change the cover if your plant needs a bigger pot.

Because I don't like supports I designed them in the way that it is possible to print them without supports. The covers I printed upside down.

Included in the package:

  • 5 houses
  • 6 covers for the smaller pots with diameters: 46mm, 51mm, 56mm, 61mm, 66mm and 71mm
  • 14 covers for the bigger houses with diameters: 46mm, 51mm, 56mm, 61mm, 66mm, 71mm, 76mm, 81mm, 86mm, 91mm, 96mm, 97mm, 101mm and 102mm

Design Files

File Size

House2 v4.stl
632 KB
Cover L110 D101 v8.stl
36.6 KB
Cover L110 D91 v2.stl
34.8 KB
Cover L110 D71 v2.stl
30.9 KB
CactusHotel v9.stl
4.49 MB
Cover L79 D46 v5.stl
29.6 KB
Cover L79 D51 v2.stl
30.9 KB
Cover L79 D56 v4.stl
32.5 KB
Cover L79 D61 v1.stl
33.7 KB
Cover L79 D66 v4.stl
35 KB
Cover L79 D71 v2.stl
36.2 KB
Cover L110 D46 v3.stl
25.3 KB
Cover L110 D51 v2.stl
26.6 KB
Cover L110 D56 v2.stl
27.8 KB
Cover L110 D61 v2.stl
28.8 KB
Cover L110 D66 v2.stl
30 KB
Cover L110 D76 v2.stl
32.1 KB
Cover L110 D81 v5.stl
33.1 KB
Cover L110 D86 v4.stl
33.9 KB
Cover L110 D96 v2.stl
35.8 KB
Cover L110 D97 v4.stl
36 KB
Cover L110 D102 v2.stl
36.8 KB
House1 v7.stl
393 KB
House3 v8.stl
920 KB
House4 v7.stl
863 KB
House5 v14.stl
572 KB


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