Airsoft Mp7 electric Front End (front part of mp7)

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I made this project because I lost the front of the electric mp7 is compatible with umarex, tokyo marui and well

To prepare the mp7 you need to make a hole in the front at the butt end of mp7

in assembly have multiple holes if you drill wrong area to hold everything in place

in the central area at 4mm from the tip and a 3mm thick 20mm long bolt with flat head (or a 20mm bolt m3)

on the top of the handguard you will need to remove the lever that removes the battery 

i recomend to print in petg

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CFDMP_mp7 part1 front with 14mm ccw.stl
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mp7 front end assembly.stl
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mp7 2 aep front end encaixe.stl
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