Zero Topcase Hook


Device to allow you to stow a folding step stool on the topcase rack of a Zero S-platform motorcycle (S, SR, DS, DSR). Includes a hook to permanently retain a bobble bungee to hold it in place.

It's designed to hold the Kikkerland Rhino II Step Stool, but probably fits many others.

I printed this on a Formlabs Form2 with Rigid resin, but other resins probably work too.

If you have a coil security cable attached to the steps, the passenger can then pull it up and stow it after they've mounted the bike.  This is very useful if your passenger is too short to comfortably get on.

Holes are present for M3 machine screws, of which you will need 4, at least 25mm long, and eight M3 nuts (you should *definitely* locknut these fasteners).

Design Files

File Size

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Bobble bungee retainer.stl
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