Bird of Prey (pedestal)

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The pedestal is a box to hold the electronics which controls the LEDs in the metal model of the Bird of Prey. This pedestal is the 3d printed part, build up from three stl files. The top is a Klingon logo. This box can of course also be used as a box without this metal model.

The electronics is based on an AVR provessor (ATtiny26). The software is included.

Note: Since zip files are auto extracted by pinshape and unsupported file types are left out, I have renamed the '' to a pdf file. Please change .pdf to .zip to extract the source code.

This small project can also serve as a starting point to familiarize yourself with AVR programming. For this purpose the AVR_setup_v10.pdf file is made available.

The electronics include a Real Time Clock chip which is programmed and read-out by an I2C bus. The LEDs in the guns of the plane present the time in combination with an LED on top of the model. A video of this behavior is found on my site:

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