Lowpolysaurus Park Gates


Welcome to the Low Poly Dino park. Currently on Kickstarter:


Kid friendly, whimsical, low-poly dinosaur models for your 3D printer. Designed to print without supports and print with low or no infill. Perfect as a test print or just for fun with gentle angles to minimize sharp edges so they're suitable for all ages. 

Help build the whole set and print your own dinosaur park!

These gates are designed so the print can be paused and filament can be swapped out at specific points to create a multi-color effect.

To do a multi-color effect in printing, print each piece separately so you can control when the color changes.

On the top brace, change filament at the 2mm mark to color the words.

On the gates, change at the 4mm mark to color the cross supports

On the uprights, change filament at the 8mm mark to color the torches. Or just leave that one and paint them.

To assemble, insert the top brace into the holes in the uprights, and snap down to secure them. Snap the gates into place in their hinges.


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