Tank style Tow Hook (Shackle)

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Hi Folks Just wanted to do something slightly different and for fun and here is the result, it is a tow hook that usually is on tanks, (don't try to tow a tank with this unless you do it in metal) Two slightly different versions one (tow hook seam) has a casting type seam around the edge, the other is plain. Use the corresponding bars for whichever hook you use, the 'Tow hook seam no thread' and 'tow hook no thread' use the 'bar longer' and 'nut'. thanks for looking enjoy

Design Files

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Tow hook seam thread.stl
2.5 MB
Bar shorter.stl
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Tow hook thread.stl
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Tow hook seam no thread.stl
2.3 MB
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Bar longer.stl
384 KB
Tow hook no thread.stl
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