Infinity Laptop Arc

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The Infinity Laptop Arc is part of my Infinity Series of office/desk accessories (Headphone Stand and Phone Stand are the other 2 designs). This design is intended to be simple and elegant.

Current variations include:

  • 2012 Macbook Pro
  • 2014 Macbook Pro
  • 2016/2017 Macbook Pro (variants with and without shell
  • Razer Blade Stealth

If you would like a custom width, please contact me and I will create you a custom file. If you are unsure are using a case please use some software tool to measure the width before printing.

This is a challenging print. I have tried several orientations and none are really ideal. I typically print this upside down to prevent too much warp in the material (vs. laying on its side). I print at a higher infill % to increase weight and sturdiness. This stand is quite large so if it does not fit diagonally on the bed then you may need to split the model if the split model included does not fit, otherwise send me a specific request.

Visit my website to see more designs and work I have done.

Files included: Print and Finishing Info (.txt and PDF) and License (PDF)

Design Files

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Macbook Pro (2016 with shell) Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
205 KB
Razer Blade Stealth Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
204 KB
Macbook Pro 2016 (with shell) Split Side 1 Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
129 KB
Macbook Pro 2012 Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
206 KB
262 KB
Macbook Pro 2014 Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
205 KB
Macbook Pro 2016 (with shell) Split Side 2 Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
137 KB
Macbook Pro 2016 Infinity Laptop Arc (repaired).stl
203 KB
Print and Finishing Info.pdf
19.5 KB
Print and Finishing Info.txt
1.07 KB


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