Infinity Headphone Stand

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The Infinity Headphone Stand is part of my Infinity Series of office/desk accessories (Laptop and Phone Stand are the other 2 designs). This design is intended to be simple, elegant, customizable, and quick & easy to print. At 100% scale this should work for most standard sized headphones.

A simple 2-part design that simply requires gluing the top and base together.

The top is customizable and I have included the design file in the downloadable files, in addition, I have an accompanying YouTube video that will walk you through this process of adding a custom logo or text.  

Print takes roughly 7.25 hours.

I have included extra STLs in the event the ~9in base is too tall for your printer.

Visit my website to see more designs and work I have done.

STLs included: headphone stand base, headphone stand top, headphone stand base – split bottom, headphone stand base – split post (files have been repaired and saved in optimal orientation).

Files included: Headphone Stand – Custom Top (.f3d Fusion 360 design file), Print and Finishing Info (.txt and PDF) and License (PDF)

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Print and Finishing Info.txt
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Print and Finishing Info.pdf
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Headphone Base - Split Bottom (repaired).stl
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Headphone Base - Split Post (repaired).stl
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Headphone Stand Base (repaired).stl
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Headphone Stand Top (repaired).stl
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