Star Wars Legion Terrain - DWG TIE Fighter


My version of the iconic TIE fighter, scaled for use in 34mm wargaming (like Star Wars: Legion). Parts are made to print in pieces to be glued or fastened together. Fully assembled models are also available, but will probably need a lot of support material. You'll need to rotate the model in your Slicer. Please follow Pinshape Terms of Use, in regards to Selling and Remixing. Plan on printing this? Please plan on taking a pic and putting it here! I'd love to see what you're end result is!

With Pinshape having been abandoned, we have moved to (4/27/2020) to Gumroad. See you there.

Go forth to conquer!

Design Files

File Size

DWG Tie Fighter Wing Strut.STL
361 KB
DWG Tie Fighter Assembled 01.STL
13.9 MB
DWG Tie Fighter Assembled 02.STL
14.1 MB
DWG Tie Fighter Cockpit A.STL
2.75 MB
DWG Tie Fighter Cockpit B.STL
9.41 MB
DWG Tie Fighter Wing 01.STL
78.8 KB
DWG Tie Fighter Wing 02.STL
148 KB


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