The Schnöz (razor pen holder)


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Behold the Schnöz, the only razor pen holder you'll ever need for your desk. There were a few concerns around the workplace about having these Xacto holders in the same neighborhood as pens and other small tools, so we resolved to give them their own special little space. We later settled on a pegboard solution, so I'm bringing the original here for those discerning craftsmen who like their tools at the ready.

The shape was something altogether serendipitous. I wanted something that relied on a fulcrum to keep the handle at a 45 degree angle, and a triangle footprint seemed the logical choice.

In the future, I want to work out some kind of "funneling" system so that it doesn't matter what way you insert the holder, the blade will always come out vertically.

I tend to print rather thick shells (around 2mm) so even at 15% infill, it turned out to be a fairly hefty little object. If you want to print thinner walls to save material, there's an "unweighted" version featuring a small recess in the bottom for you to attach a magnet or glue in some ball bearings or hex nuts.

Design Files

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xacto desk weighted.stl
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xacto desk.stl
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