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The OBJ render from Sketchfab is purely for demonstration purposes. That woodpile would be a pain in the backside to print out.

Rather, you are encouraged to hold up this "monument" with the flimsiest, most ramshackle bracing you can't be bothered to put real effort into. Drinking straws, toothpicks, broken sporks from KFC, discarded slot car parts, cracked drone propellers, scratched up dungeon tiles.... All of it would stand (temporarily) as shining example of putting far more effort into something than the faux-enterprising dufuses have pretended to try.

This is in response to yet another sect of spammers on Thingiverse, these yahoos pushing a garbage-flavored Linux Distro they openly admit is unstable, but not only want you to support them on Patreon, but also volunteer your design and 3D printing services for free so they can fulfill wild promises of free labor. Spam aside, and as overused as this word is, I don't think I've seen a finer example of someone being "entitled" than demanding a community for a service you admit you don't have the ability to support.

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