450 Helicopter V2 bottom plate

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After I crashed my heli a while back, my bottom plate melted from the battery smoking. Although the front is melted I can still use it, but I thought I make a new 3D printed bottom plate. I have a new spare part, but I figured I should make this now in case I break what I have, then I can just print another if that happens. I also wanted something with less holes so that I can stick velcro on it better. My part is thicker throughout vs the original. I also added a hole in the middle in case anyone wants to attach a small camera to the belly. I have a small activeon cx that fits here, so I may give that a try sometime. I'm not sure how well that will work, but I just added that hole anyway. Use a 1/4" screw. That's what are normally the mount sizes if I remember correctly.


.200 mm layer

50% or more infill. I wanted to make this part a little bit stronger. Keep in mind that if you use 50% it will take almost 2 hours to print at the layer thickness above. Other than this, I have now printed my seventh version so I know it fits.

I have only printed this in PLA but there's no reason you can't use anything else. 

Note: If your canopy is lose, this mount will make it nice and snug again. I added a velcro loop at the front and I found out that it helps with my old lose canopy which was another bonus.

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