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This is a preview set for a larger project in the works. Building off of my previous modular spaceship building sets, I've incorporated magnets to allow for fast and and easy reconfiguration. This set contains the basic components needed for a small ship, and these basic components will be interchangeable with new parts that are coming soon. Note: you will need 5 mm magnetic balls to complete this assembly. I use the (now illegal) BuckyBall magnets that everyone seems to have on their desks. Because the parts are scaled for 5 mm magnets, you could potentially re-size the model to fit different magnets (4 mm magnets - scale to 80%, 6 mm magnets - scale up 120% and so on). IMPORTANT: BuckyBalls (and similar magnetic toys) were taken off the market for a very good reason! Small, powerful magnets are extremely hazardous when ingested and can result in serious injury, particularly for small children. Please do not allow small children to assemble or play with this set unsupervised.

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