USB for Swiss Army Knife


  Friend ask me if I could design a replacement USB holder for his Swiss Army Knife. The original was only 1GB and he wanted a larger drive for it, but didn't want to ruin the original. So I did. It was made in Tinkercad in about an hour, and works well. Printed on a Malyan M200 in Taulman red T Glase at 2.2 mm layer 45 mms Sliced in Simplify3D.  Supports were used on the inside, the cavity is so he can use a Samsung or Sandisk Micro USB and remove the plastic housing, and Epoxy in place. It clips into the knife well, and moves freely and the existing knife cover and lock work for the USB "blade".  If I was to print this again, I would look at Makergeeks Raptor HTPLA+ or Matterhackers NylonX the T Glase is a little brittle and I would try something with a little more flex.

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