Cooling shroud for FLSun Kossel printer with New efffector: Upda

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Summary Nothing much to say just that I couldn't find what I need so decided to design one based on dual opposite cooling nozzle type. You can use back the original M3 x 8 screws for mounting. Just remove the nuts used to space the screw. Oh yah, its a parametric model but feel free to modify it for your own use. Use with an extruder insulator to prevent thermal runaway at 100% fan speed. Update: Re-uploaded the latest version. should be able to clear the mounting screws for the bed. Angled the blower lower. Print Settings Printer: FLSun Kossel (180mm bed) Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 (using 0.4 nozzle) Infill: 10% (Doesn't really matter) Notes: Using CURA 3.2 My printer is set for 0.8mm wall x 2 layers so it doesn't print infill. Used touching bed supports.

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