Filament Cutter (3mm)

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Summary This Filament Cutter (3mm) is made using "4ndreas Filament Cutter (1.75mm)" with scissor jaws making it able to cut 3mm diameter filament. The cutter is 30% larger than 4ndreas cutter. Print Settings Printer: LymanBot 3D Printer V2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.40 with 0.50 nozzle Infill: 50% Post-Printing Remove supports from the female jaw and dress the holes. How I Designed This Designed using AutoCAD solid modeling Custom Section Part E pad is attached to the plunger part of the cutter using MEK. The male jaw Part D is attached to the pad the same way. The female jaw is not attached thus free to move. The bottom part of the cutter can be removed by removing the female jaw to access the bolts holding the cutter together. See 4ndreas video for the cutter assembly.

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