3 & 4 mm NUT HOLDERS


Summary If you have old clumsy hands as I have you will love these tools. These are simple, just put a nut on the bench top and press the holder onto the nut to hold it. Then you can position the nut to the bolt in places your fingers can't fit. Print Settings Printer: LymanBot 3D Printer V2 Rafts: No Supports: No Notes: I use .5 nozzle, speed slow, infill 30%. Post-Printing From the pictures, shown are 3mm and 4mm lock nuts fit on the holders. Heat 4mm nut for 10 seconds and push it into the holder. Heat the 3mm nut for 8 seconds and push it into the holder. Use the cold nuts for working the shape so the nuts will fit snugly. So there are 4 holders, two flat ones for 3 & 4mm nuts and two combo for 4 & 3mm nuts one short and one long at 90 degrees from the flat ones. With the combo 3 & 4mm holders you can turn the nut onto the bolt, the flat ones you need to be able to turn the bolt to attach. I have tried the Finger Nut Holder without success, but these work great. How I Designed This These are designed with AutoCad 3D modeling.

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