Salt Lake City Mormon Temple

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Summary This model has been revised changing the corner columns from 6 sides to 8 sides. This model of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple was designed from actual photos. It has a little more detail at the top of the columns and the window count on the columns is correct, somewhat different than Kafran and Hamerhand models. It is impossible to include all the detail in a model that is 185 x 128 x 188mm High. It took the Mormons 40 years to build this temple. Not having a picture of the rear I don't know if there were steps up to doors as in the front. So I made it the same as the front. Print Settings Printer: Lyman V2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.25mm Infill: 8% Notes: I used a 0.40 nozzle with a 0.25 layer height. A smaller nozzle and layer height would give a better model. As it was, it took over 20 hours to print at 50 mm/sec filament speed. The 8% infill gave good support for the roof. However, I used a 4 layer top horizontal to get a solid roof. If you want to light in inside with LEDS, print it with 4 perimeters, 0 bottom layers, 5 top layers and 0 infill. I have scaled it down to 120mm long and have printed over 50 of these using Simplified3D software. Print the Angel Moroni separate. Scale it as needed. Paint it with gold spray paint and CA glue it to the front center column. The front of the model has 5 windows on the corner columns, where the rear has only 4 windows looking at the side view. Post-Printing The only post printing I had to do was to paint and glue on the Angel and clean a few threads of the top of the column spires. My model weighs 17 oz. How I Designed This This model was designed with AutoCAD 11 as a solid model.

Custom Section The advantage to drawing a building as a solid model other that a shell model is that you can scale it up or down without affecting the shell thickness. 2 parameters is always 2 parameters. I use infill for the support from 3 to 10% depending on the model design.

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