modular arabic building set (stl file)


modular arabic building set -stl file- 3D print model

This model set comes with a complete and a ruined building.

Includes all necessary STL files to print the model on your own 3D printer. (No physical model included with your order.)

This parts are included (see on the Picture): modarabichouse_1_floor.stl modarabichouse_1_floor_ruin.stl modarabichouse_1_ground_1.stl modarabichouse_1_ground_1_ruin.stl modarabichouse_1_ground_2parts.stl (2 parts for smaller Printer) modarabichouse_1_ground_2parts_ruin.stl (2 parts for smaller Printer) modarabichouse_1_ground_1.stl (2 parts for smaller Printer) modarabichouse_1_ground_1_ruin.stl modarabichouse_1_roof_small.stl

Minimum printbed needed is 20 x 20 cm and 15 cm high. Scale is for 28mm Miniatures (approx 1/48) you can rescale it: Example Scale factor: 10mm = 40 - 45 % 15mm = 65 % (H0 Railroad) 20mm = 75 - 80% 28mm = 100 % (0 Railroad) If you need a printed Version, please write us a email.

Design Files

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