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The file has one set (one short for the outside, and one long for the inside) and just needs to be run twice, or it can be run through Slic3r and multiply it there. After unknowingly purchasing an older style fairing for my newer style Aerobar kit for my VW, I asked Thule if they had a conversion kit to fit between, and unfortunately they did not. So I went about measuring and printing them myself. Some modifications are still needed (I'm using zip-ties and Velcro to hold mine together, the white ties will be replaced with black ones soon,) but on a printer with a higher resolution and infill, you could possibly add screw holes to make this look more official. So far I have taken it down the road at 80mph (legal speed limit here in the Midwest) and it vibrated a little, but otherwise held together. The clip-side needs to be thinner by about 2mm, but with my printer I'd have issues making that small of a lift with the standoffs it makes. This is a work in progress (I'll have an update when I get my new printer in that can print better quality than my M3D)

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