​Nema 23 Stepper Motor Lamp

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Nema 23 Stepper Motor Lamp

The dimensions are exactly the same as the real motor.

This model is designed to be printed with a 0.4mm nozzle and a bigger nozzle opening may not work.

The laminated steel part VASE MODE.stl is printed using the “spiral outer contour mode” in Cura.

The shaft.stl is printed with one wall count, no infill and one top and bottom layer, using translucent PET-G.

The other parts are printed ass normal in Silver (I think it looks gray) ABS.

Top A.stl and Top B.stl are glued together.

Inside I hot glued a 5V LED strip that is power by a phone charger.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :-)

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laminated steel part VASE MODE.stl
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top A.stl
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laminated steel part.stl
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top B.stl
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