We are again with a DIY project.PCB HOLDER. You will make it easier on your electronic circuitry, an element that will help you. Soldering will be easier. It will give you support while keeping your board. If you have a 3D printer, you can have a PCB Holder by using the drawings we use in this project and we offer free of charge to our valuable viewers. You can find our drawing files in our description section. if you would like to see more cool stuff, just head over to my youtube channel ;) 

Design Files

File Size

pcb_holder (1).STL
63.9 KB
pcb_holder (2).STL
684 Bytes
pcb_holder (3).STL
15.7 KB
pcb_holder (4).STL
3.4 KB
pcb_holder (5).STL
27.6 KB
pcb_holder (6).STL
32.1 KB
pcb_holder (7).STL
24.4 KB
pcb_holder (8).STL
38.4 KB


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