CR-10 THC-01 3-Color Printhead mount and fangs

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Summary This is a on going project to upgrade my CR-10 Mini. it will make printing in multicolor easier. I have included a sample of what I am using multi color for. Print Settings Printer Brand: Creality Printer: CR-10 Mini Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .01 Infill: 25 Notes: These parts were designed to upgrade my CR-10 Mini to 3 color capability the current motherboard does not support this so I will be using a switch to redirect power to the filament stepper motors to select the color also Aquanet Hairspray on heated table works great no long have adhesion issues. How I Designed This Design Tell us more... By chance i saw trev502000 model of the THC-01, HamDesigner CR-10 Quick Release and Perfikt CR-10 Fang and used then as a guide tool for the CR-10 THC-01 3 color Printhead Adapter.

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