FLUDD - Super Mario Sunshine

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This is FLUDD - the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device from Super Mario Sunshine.

Modeled in Fusion 360. The design is split into multiple pieces, intended to fit the build plate of a Lulzbot Mini (155mmx155mmx158mm). Most pieces slot together for easy assembly, and are designed to print with no supports. See the exploded view for assembly instructions.

I have printed out some of the parts from the top section to depict the functionality of the design. I intend to print out the rest of the pieces and then sand and paint them.

The design is intended to be wearable and functional to an extent (it doesn't actually shoot water, but the head and arms can rotate). The design has a slot to attach a belt to wear it, but I'm not sure how well it works.

Print Settings

  • Infill - I'm using 10% infill. Use higher infill if you want stronger parts.
  • Layer Height - 0.2mm for most parts. For parts that require less detail, higher layer heights can be used to save print time. Finer layers will cut time for sanding.
  • Supports - Most parts can print with no supports. There are a few parts with small overhangs that could benefit from supports, like the "pump base" part, which has an overhang for the belt slot.
  • Assembly - See exploded view and sectional view for assembly help.

Design Files

File Size

right handle arm 2.stl
271 KB
tank connect.stl
29.8 KB
right arm socket top.stl
310 KB
right arm 2.stl
382 KB
left handle arm 2.stl
271 KB
378 KB
362 KB
right handle.stl
737 KB
right handle arm 1.stl
286 KB
right arm socket bottom.stl
340 KB
right arm 1.stl
2.43 KB
pump base.stl
229 KB
neck head connection.stl
884 Bytes
neck base.stl
362 KB
left handle.stl
737 KB
left arm socket bottom.stl
340 KB
left arm 1.stl
2.43 KB
fludd (full model).stl
8.32 MB
head ball.stl
389 KB
head bottom.stl
845 KB
head top.stl
812 KB
left arm 2.stl
382 KB
left arm socket top.stl
310 KB
left handle arm 1.stl
286 KB
931 KB
262 KB
298 KB
25.8 KB
tank (full model).stl
1.33 MB
tank bottom.stl
265 KB
379 KB
374 KB


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