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Decorate a potato to look robotic, like in Portal 2! Print out the two parts and use office supplies to create a GLaDOS Potato.

First, we printed the 2 parts. After printing the parts, we painted them with standard acrylic paint. To make the black band that connects the two parts, we used cloth hockey tape. We just folded a piece of it together, slipped it through the slits in the parts, then glued the two ends together with superglue. Before attaching the parts onto the potato, we got long rubber bands and wrapped them around the potato. Then we put on the printed parts. To secure the parts onto the potato, we cut pieces of paperclips and bent them. After securing the printed parts, we stuck nails into the potato. A wire with alligator clips should be used to connect the two nails, but we did not have one, so we used winded up cloth hockey tape and red duct tape to make it look realistic.

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GLaDOS Potato - Small part.stl
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GLaDOS Potato - Main part.stl
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