WAVE ARCADE FlexFin Surf Fin

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Good For: Pivots and turn control for mid-sized longboards & hybrids. But, go ahead – experiment!

Get through your turns in style with the WAVE ARCADE Flex Fin. This single fin is going to make your mid-sized longboard or hybrid or single fin shortboard feel like it’s cutting through butter as you carve up and down the wave. A wider base will still provide drive down the line, but the profile of this fin is going to really allow you to dig into and out of those turns.

Fin Specs:

  • Base: 144 mm (5.6 in)
  • Depth: 177 mm (7 in)
  • Foil: 50/50 symmetrical
  • Sweep: Big
  • Base designed for US Box.

If you plan to 3D print this fin, make sure your printer has a build area of at least 8 in x 8 in x 8 in (203 x 203 x 203 mm).

Be sure to consider print orientation and material used when printing this fin. Let us know how it goes!

Check out this 3D printed FlexFin and more surf gear at wavearcade.com.

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