Ninebot kick-scooter foldable easy transportation handle.


Upgraded version available:

Ninebot electric scooter (ES1 - ES2 - ES4) is lightweight easy-storage travel companion. 

This electric foldable kick-scooter has a lot of amazing features, but after few days of usage I was very upset with the transportation posture of my hands when the I carry the scooter in folded position. It was almost impossible to drag it without loosing the balance because you can't keep it in the middle.

With the handle I designed especially for this scooter it's possible to carry and drag the scooter as easy as a normal trolley. The handle is foldable, so doesn't encrease the encumbrance of the scooter during the riding position. It can be attached in a very fast and easy way. Only pressure instal, no screws or mechanisms, in order to increse the mechanical reliability of the handle (for better mechanical performances, if you print it with a FDM printer, I advice to print it in the direction I showed in pictures). The handle is autocentering device, it means it won't go too left or right and will never loose the balance. It can be adapted to any angulation and it will always stay straight! 

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