Pinna Multipurpose Clip

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Pinna is a pin for everything!

It's designed to fix everything, from the smallest to the biggest. Before printing just scale the shape from 100% to 300%, and so you can have a Pinna for:

  • headphones
  • cables of smartphone, PC, TV, mouse, etc.
  • packs of biscuits, snakes, cereals, etc.
  • sheets of paper
  • all you can think!

Pinna, the fish that gives you a hand!

The name "Pinna" is a italian name and means "Fin" the hand of the fish. In fact this gadget has the shape of a fish, a very ingegnious shape which allows to bend without breaking, even if it is composed of very rigid materials such as PLA. Futhermore, the shape is so simple to also be printed from low-end 3D printers.

Printing settings required:

  • Material: PLA
  • Perimeters: 2
  • Fill density: from 80% to 100%
  • Fill pattern: rectilinear 45°

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