Solidback Fortnite Remix - With Base


Seen a Fortnite logo that I thought was cool, so remixed it with a background and also changed the foot/base to help with colour changes.

There are 2 versions; One with a foot and one without that us to be used with the base.

Can be used with the print stop and change technique. Below is the code which you should add to the post-processing part of your slicer settings. It will allow the printer to pause, hold the temps and let you change the filament.

Printer Brand: Creality

Printer: CR-10

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 10

Notes: Don't knock you z-axis too hard when changing the filament as it can cause issues for you.

Remember to purge out one colour before starting the next.

If you are worried about adhesion when staring the new, baby step it down slightly, then back up on layer 2.

Follow this video for more information on how to use the code below if you are not familiar with changing the layers. Its very simple to do.

;Filament change code below. Specify layer to swap filament. Print will pause and you can change filament, click LCD button to resume print. ;{REPLACE "; layer" "M117 Layer"}; show layer number and Z height on LCD ;{REPLACE " Z = " " Z="}; make room on LCD for text ;{REPLACE "\nM117 Layer 17, Z=" "\nG1 X10 Y5\nM300 S20 P1000\nM0\nM117 Layer 17, Z="}; pause at layer, move head, play sound

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