Slat Bracket


Summary This is a slat bracket, a piece to hold the wooden slat for a bed, couch or similar object to the object itself. The original piece in ugly grey on the right, my 3D printed version in black to the left. My girlfriend's couch/bed combo from Ikea was missing one of these (the other 79 or so were all there...) and it caused me to put my knee through the damn thing... very embarrassing. Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 micron Infill: 20% rectilinear Notes: I printed this with no supports as a bridging test for the UM2+, but you may want to put some support in the hollow, or print it in a different orientation perhaps. How I Designed This SketchUp, a system I am beginning to not hate. ;)

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