Water Jet pump

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This is my completely new design Water Jet. It has better bearing support for the shaft, integrated cooling supply, intergrated grease nipples, better flow, mounting frame and a lot of other improvments. All drawings and stl file included, also eploded view and parts list.

Design Files

File Size

bearing distance.STL
313 KB
bearing holder.STL
447 KB
brasstube for steering 3mm.STL
57.5 KB
cooling sleeve 56mm motor.STL
3.01 MB
coupling 6_8mm.STL
329 KB
diffusor with integrated cooling.STL
6.1 MB
frame bottom.STL
1.08 MB
frame rear.STL
786 KB
impeller 4 blade.STL
2.52 MB
impeller hub aluminum.STL
135 KB
4.39 MB
motormount 5692.STL
351 KB
2.23 KB
sleeve bearing holder Aluminium.STL
166 KB
steering nozzle.STL
3.59 MB
frame rear.PDF
29.6 KB
impeller hub aluminum.PDF
27.1 KB
motormount 5692.PDF
28.5 KB
sleeve bearing bronze.PDF
27.2 KB
sleeve bearing holder Aluminium.PDF
30 KB
102 KB
coupling 6_8mm.PDF
29.8 KB
frame bottom.PDF
31.9 KB
14.4 MB


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