MK8 extruder carriage with 3D Touch bracket v2 (CTC i3 Pro B)

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This version has been modified to set the hot end, 10mm to the right. This then lines up (give or take) with the original hot end position. Please note: this does not use the original extruder parts, you need to remove the Aluminium block and angle bracket. You could probably design an extruder that uses the aluminium block to work with this bracket. I found a weakness in the 3DTouch bracket and have uploaded the modified design. Best printed with an 80% infill to give the part strength.

Please note this is for the CTC Prusa i3 DIY Clone and to use the 3DTouch you have to upgrade the firmware. I am now using Marlin v1.1.4. If you need to know where to get it ask.

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MK8 extruder carriage with 3DTouch bracket v2.stl
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