Summary So I noticed people were selling 3D printed models based on iPhone X leaks, why should people pay for that, especially with unconfirmed rumours? These models are for the people, but you absolutely must not use them for any kind of profit generation, no consent for that has been given. There is a detailed model made specifically for making 3D renders, it has more than 20 individual bodies for separate parts which require their own texture, the renders made and shown here were done so using this file. You can of course print this file but you will get a quite bland looking shape. There is a model for single extruders, it has defined areas for the screen, logos, front and rear cameras etc, this is achieved by varying the thickness of the model. There are two separate models for dual extruders, I've used Black and White to make the model shown in the photograph, this makes models that have a standardised thickness and so use the alternate colours for definition. Lastly there are a few extra bits including a schematic PDF that you can use to make fitted wallpapers, just for these files. I must state that the dimensions used are those found on the internet somewhere, there are new leaks coming out every day so these could easily be wrong, don't therefore use these models to make cases or anything like that because you'll probably be disappointed later. Anyway have fun and if you make anything cool I'd love to see! Cheers.

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