Survival Compound Bow ver. 2.0

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This is a survival compound bow. If you have heated bed 20x20x20 you can print this bow. All components are printed with 90-100% infill.

Ultimately, I wants to create a bow with something to hunt.

Black bow is ver.1.0 Red/white bow is a new design in progres (ver2)

Required components: 

  • 4x fiberglass shafts 8 mm x 330 mm 
  • 5x M8x50mm 
  • M8 nuts 
  • 480mm Outer diameter 1/2 "(~ 16mm) pvc pipe

This is a weapon! Durability depends on the implementation. You print this on you own risk!

Design Files

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arm bottom.stl
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arm top.stl
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grip part 1.stl
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grip part 2.stl
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Limb bolt.stl
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Limb bolt part 2.stl
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