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Summary I wasn't happy with how "game accurate" the leg segments are so I am making a new version. These are not designed to clip together and instead will rely on either a thick core copper wire inside or a piece of elastic to tension them. They need the gold outline around the bottom, I am not sure about adding a thicker ridge or just using the paint to highlight. I've increased the height slightly since the (first, 3 segment) photo, they fit nicely but have a small range of motion. I need to print a load to see how well the leg bends overall. The second photo shows the slightly taller segments arranged as a leg on the Guardian. The hip interface is there too and the whole leg is attached correctly. The range of motion seems to nearly match the other segment style (themselves a modification on the original). I am exceedingly happy with how these look relative to the in game look of the guardian. When correctly painted they should be an extremely close match. Original claw modded so it push fits into the last segment on the leg. Use either elastic or a wire as the core. Create a "knot" on one end, then thread the segments onto it. 14 segments and one interface joint. The claw will push onto the end of the leg and hide the inside of the last segment. pull the elastic/wire tight inside the guardian and tie off, you can cross opposing side legs and twist together for good tension. Now added a more accurate claw. Not flexible at all (yet) but should print easy and just push fit into the last section of leg. I used 2mm aluminium Jewellery modelling wire inside the legs. Just a small 2mm long 90' bend at the end is enough to lock the segments on, then thread them all over with the hip joint interface last. Leave about 4-5cm of wire after the last part of the leg and push it into the hole on the body Hip joint. It needs to be a bit curved on the end to go all the way through but with some wiggling you can get it. once it's through pull it finger tight and then bend sharply against the plastic on the inside. If you bend upwards it should wedge into the inner shape nicely and lock the leg from wobbling. The whole leg is then able to be posed and 4 legs can take the guardians weight, maybe 3 even.

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