Blink XT Camera hood and mount


This print is for the Blink XT camera. Designed to keep rain or sun off the lens. 

I have included various builds that suit all your needs, including the bracket without the hood (good for indoor use)

Take off your back cover, slip this on and  secure the back cover on

You can still use the original camera mount supplied by Blink, or you can use a 1/4 inch pivot for you camera, there are two mountable positions.

NB, this product is not supported by Blink cameras. You may find the blue recording light reflects off the hood and causes a glare with some plastic colours. You can turn the recording light off

Design Files

File Size

hood (1).stl
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RA Bracket w-hood top.stl
749 KB
Bracket w-hood top.stl
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LA Bracket w-hood top.stl
749 KB
XT camera mount_hood.stl
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