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The theme for this design is a Parisian pendant. This powerhouse of fashion and haute couture provides rich inspiration in terms of shapes and styles with its rich history and architecture. The challenge is how to produce something instantly recognizable and yet retain a freshness and uniqueness in the design. The method? take something iconic, destroy it and reconstruct it taking it in a new direction. The skyline of Paris is dominated by the majestic Eiffel tower conjured from rivets and wrought iron, braced with beams and trusses, a slender yet masculine aesthetic. Another Parisian specialty is the flowing wrought iron gates with beautiful floral patterns decorating many public buildings. Combining these elements and crowning them with a warm rose gold hue this pendant is instantly familiar yet altogether different, a fitting homage to the city of lights.

Height: 50mm

Circumference Width: 20mm

To be printed directly into desired material: Base Metal (Gilding Metal), with a 14ct Rose Gold plating finish

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elle competion pendant ready for render.stl
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