90mm EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) for FDM printing


General Information:

This is a FDM printable high efficiency and high power EDF with 90 mm shroud diameter. The design was optimized for the Hacker E50-L 2,5D brushless motor and provides up to 61N of thrust at 4,5 kW electrical power on 12s (if the parts were properly printed and finished). However, with few modifications any other brushless motor could be used as well.

A Wemotec Midi Fan adapter is used to safely attach the rotor to the motor shaft. This adapter must not be 3D printed!

Operating turbo machinery is dangerous, especially when 3d printed. Use this design at your own risk! 


All parts must be printed with 100% infill. Supports are unfortunately needed. A distinct support geometry is provided for printing rotor and stator.  Printing those parts is quite challenging and certainly nothing for beginners. However, strong prints are mandatory for safety reasons while high print quality means less post processing work and good aerodynamic performance.  

Use high quality PLA, and nothing else, for the Rotor. Stator and motor housing should be printed by using a material with a higher heat deflection temperature.  The remaining parts can be printed in PLA. 

Post processing:

Rotor and stator blades should be smoothed by using epoxy resin and fine sand paper. The rotor must be properly balanced before use. This could be done by tapping the six holes in the rotor hub and adding weight in the form of headless M3 screws.  

Design Files

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thrust pipe.stl
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motor housing cap.stl
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