GADGET the robotic GREMLIN

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This is GADGET, the robotic GREMLIN. Since I first saw the Gremlins movie in 1984, I've wanted a Gremlin. (These creatures inspired a sequel, dozens of dolls and even a few video games.) The problem is, they are mythical creatures. It came down to 3 "C"s...

* Capture  (chances of success 0.0005%)  How many Yetis, Leprechauns & Fairies are caught? * Conjure  (chances of success  10%)    Lifetime study of Dark arts & unsavoury sacrifices required... * Create    (chances of success  75%)  Design, 3D print, assemble and program

I chose the Create option ( even though computers and I don't get along)  Thanks to the EZ-B v4 from EZ- ROBOTS, I believe I can bring my creation to life. My hopes are that he will be joystick controlled, and eventually be an A.I. autonomous companion.

The ezrobot camera has 640x480 resolution at 20fps with no latency. It is capable of color tracking, objection recognition, facial recognition and more.

The ez-bv4 boasts 200MHz of 32-bit processing (ARM Cortex-M3 & Microchip PIC32), 5 volt tolerant I/O, energy efficient digital switching power supply, Wi-Fi connectivity with security, embedded web server, amplified digital audio with speaker, 3 I²C ports, 3 x UARTs, 24 multi-use servo/digital/serial ports, 73 servos (Dynamixel & PWM), 8 analog ports, and integrated video.

Ultra sonic sensor lets him "see" obstacles up to 6ft away. Additional parts required for this project are: *1 EZ-B v4.2 developer kit (contents: 1 ezbv4, plug in bracket, camera, ultrasonic sensor, 4 HDD servos,  2 continous servos, servo extension cables, battery pack...) * 4 more HDD servos * 4 micro HDD servos * 1 tower pro sg90 servo (for jaw) * camera extension cable * 10 more servo extension cables (for arms) * 12 x drywall screws  1"  (8 to assemble torso & 4 to attach stabilizers) * 6 bearings (608, for inline feet support and stabilizers) * several tubes of crazy glue (Gel is highly recommended) * unbelieveable amount of patience

Special Thanks to: 3D modeller Hoinz  for the original model @ and to fellow Pinshaper richard swika, whose comment on my Krampus project pointed me towards the EZ-ROBOT system and made all this possible.

Special notes :  * you must 3D print 2 of the wheel models & glue on a rubber band strip, DO NOT STRETCH the rubber band while gluing in place, you want the rubber to be "spongey" for best traction * use servo horns provided with servos (shoulders, elbows, upper biceps...) * some parts have alternate choices (neck bracket, wheels) they use the servo horns in place of 3D printing the sprocketed parts) * added stabilizers (forgot to include in assembly video, sorry. the bearings, too) * hand file the bottom corners of neck  3/8" to properly fit collar *drill a 3/8" hole in back of both shoulder blades to pass the arm wires through the passage provided  * make sure to fully trim and sand all components for best performance results ** If anyone needs assistance, simply ask videos first sign of life, head and jaw, joystick controlled @ servo test @ Assembly video @

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fingers right 2 print.stl
881 KB
GADGETS (left) FOREARM pt1 4 PRINT .stl
5.86 MB
gadgets bicep pt4 left 2print .stl
434 KB
GADGETS right elbow pt2.stl
252 KB
GADGETS (right) FOREARM pt4 4 PRINT .stl
513 KB
gadgets bicep pt4 right 2print .stl
434 KB
GADGETS (left) FOREARM pt3 4 PRINT.stl
220 KB
left shoulder pt1.stl
15.2 MB
GADGETS left elbow pt1.stl
195 KB
gadgets bicep pt1 right 2print.stl
2.24 MB
left shoulder pt2.stl
372 KB
GADGETS left elbow pt2.stl
269 KB
GADGETS (right) FOREARM pt1 4 PRINT.stl
4.09 MB
GADGETS (left) FOREARM pt5 4 PRINT.stl
174 KB
GADGETS right elbow pt1.stl
195 KB
left thumb 2 print.stl
388 KB
fingers left 2 print.stl
881 KB
gadgets bicep pt3 left 2print .stl
178 KB
GADGETS (right) FOREARM pt5 4 PRINT.stl
199 KB
gadgets bicep pt2 left 2print.stl
182 KB
GADGETS (right) FOREARM pt2 4 PRINT .stl
1.69 MB
neck bracket.stl
621 KB
gadgets bicep pt3 right 2print .stl
178 KB
GADGETS torso pt8.stl
144 KB
GADGETs head pt5.stl
507 KB
GADGETS torso pt5 .stl
387 KB
GADGETs head pt3.stl
185 KB
back plate adapter .stl
420 KB
GADGETS torso pt6.stl
336 KB
gadgets neck back.stl
447 KB
GADGETs head pt6.stl
481 KB
GADGETS back pt1 .stl
125 KB
GADGETs head pt8.stl
89.2 KB
GADGETs head pt1.stl
455 KB
GADGETs head pt4.stl
242 KB
neck bracket v2 .stl
20.5 MB
GADGETS feet pt3 2 print .stl
615 KB
GADGETS feet pt4 2 print .stl
529 KB
GADGETS feet pt1 2 print .stl
543 KB
GADGETS legs pt1.stl
225 KB
GADGETS legs pt2.stl
227 KB
GADGETS slide rail 2print.stl
105 KB
GADGETS stabilizers right.stl
144 KB
1010 KB
right shoulder pt1.stl
15.2 MB
GADGETS torso pt15.stl
162 KB
GADGETS torso pt16.stl
163 KB
GADGETS legs pt3.stl
466 KB
gremlin neck collar.stl
230 KB
GADGETS torso pt1.stl
52.1 KB
GADGETS stabilizers left.stl
140 KB
GADGETS torso pt2.stl
52.5 KB
GADGETS torso pt3.stl
199 KB
GADGETs_wheel v2 uses servo round horn.stl
475 KB
GADGETS torso pt4.stl
175 KB
SMALL GEAR (right).stl
52.1 KB
GADGETS torso pt7.stl
153 KB
GADGETS back pt2 .stl
72.2 KB
right thumb 2 print.stl
388 KB
GADGETS torso pt9.stl
45.2 KB
GADGETS torso pt10.stl
43.9 KB
GADGETS torso pt11 and 12 spike tips.stl
18.4 KB
GADGETS torso pt11.stl
78.1 KB
GADGETs head pt7.stl
545 KB
GADGETS torso pt12.stl
79.1 KB
GADGETS torso pt13 .stl
122 KB
GADGETS torso pt14 .stl
156 KB
GADGETs head pt2.stl
478 KB
gadgets neck front.stl
407 KB
GADGETS feet pt2 2 print .stl
623 KB
GADGETS legs pins 2 print.stl
206 KB
GADGETS legs pt4.stl
469 KB
GADGETS (left) FOREARM pt4 4 PRINT.stl
659 KB
GADGETS (left) FOREARM pt2 4 PRINT .stl
1.69 MB
gadgets bicep pt1 left 2print.stl
2.24 MB
right shoulder pt2.stl
371 KB
GADGETS (right) FOREARM pt3 4 PRINT.stl
225 KB
gadgets bicep pt2 right 2print.stl
182 KB
SMALL GEAR (left).stl
52.1 KB


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