Stepcraft Dust extraction!


Stepcraft Dust extraction! Kress motors 43mm! Using the Festool Vacuum Cleaner. And others!

Additional needed - 4pcs. magnets 2x6mm; contact adhesive; double sided tape; and an empty tin can. From a tin can, we cut a 65mm diameter ring with a hole of 44mm. And with a double-sided adhesive tape, we stick the ring from the bottom, where brushes are strengthened.

Hope there's not too much mistake. Sorry for writing with Google Translate!

Design Files

File Size

Stepcraft 01.V2.STL
528 KB
Stepcraft 01.STL
319 KB
Stepcraft 02.STL
85.5 KB
Stepcraft 03.STL
455 KB
Stepcraft 05.STL
185 KB
Stepcraft 06.STL
184 KB


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