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Hi friends.

How do you feed your babies?


Feed the baby so simpler. It's common in many cultures to feed them by saying "oh, dear, open your mouth, the plain is coming" and so on. Now the baby not only can get happy by those words, but also can see it, touch it, and play with much more pleasure. It attracts the baby, and he/she eats his/her food much more easily.

So it's the dream of a mother.

Also a cute memory that remains for the kid. I still remember this food game from my childhood and my dear mom in that scene.


It's a spoon getting kipped in to the bottom of a plane toy.

I uploaded my plane in 2 ways. One of the .stl files is with a whole plane printing with some support. Another one contains the plane split in 2 parts with no support that you glue them next.

PLA is derived from nature mostly starch. So it's safe for food related things like spoon.


Approximate size:

Plane: 8 (length) x 9.5(width) x 3 cm

Spoon: 9 cm

Plane + Spoon: 14 cm


Get your Plane-Spoon toy and make great and cute memories.

Design Files

File Size

Split Plane.stl
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Whole Plane.stl
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