Dupont Crimper Guillotine


Summary Like my mini crimper but takes advantage of the way 3D printers print in layers to make a much stronger crimper. This should help you crimp those small Dupont crimps so common in our hobby. The Guillotine style allows you to use one hand to hold your work and another to crimp as it stands on the table. Don't bother downloading the assembled STL it's just there for the thingview. Parts are available in a plate arrangement or separate as needed. And as always tips are appreciated and I will model your designs for a fee if you like. Print Settings Printer: Monkey Shit Fight Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: 60 or better Notes: Perimeters are more important than anything else here. Use at least 5 since it is supposed to crush metal. 4 top/bottom layers as well. If you intend to use a hammer go totally solid. Post-Printing Stick the anvil into the base. A drop of glue wouldn't hurt. Hammer slides in the V grooves. How I Designed This Smoked a joint, broke out the crayons and big paper.

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