Dremel 3000 thread on holder.

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Summary Tried a couple on here and they didn't work or were too weak. But after I fixed the threads, rotated them, scaled them, changed the pitch slightly added a recess for the nose of the Dremel erased the rest of the object and made an entirely new object MSKA's Dremel protector was perfectly usable. When tight the buttons on your Dremel also point out which is pretty important. I posted the SketchUp file too so you can mod it as needed. It's manifold and prints flat. Enjoy! Please note the recessed ring at one end of the threads points towards the Dremel. Print Settings Printer: Monkey Shit Fight Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: 50 or better Notes: Brim, 5 perimeters, 50% or more fill

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