Bowen nut Oilfield BOP vertical feeler gauge


  If you know what's going on in these pics you know how frustrating it can be to line the Lubes up totally straight using the crane so you can get the Bowen nut off. This changes what can be a ten minute fight with wind, pipe tension and a crane into a five second job with one crane movement. Very important for when you have only a few minutes before everything in your pipes freezes off or you got a $5000 / hour frac crew waiting on you. Pays for itself the first time you use it. Also makes your crew look like damn geniuses! Besides, the less time spent on the well the better since what's down there can easily turn you into surprised pink mist. Simply put it on the Bowen nut, adjust the bolt so it just touches the Lube and slide it around the Bowen nut. The bolt will rub against the side of the Lube that the stack is leaning towards. Move the crane in the opposite direction and unscrew the Bowen nut. If the nut won't move then someone snapped it shut, the crane is pulling up or you have water in the threads that froze.... but one problem at a time huh? By the way pouring some methanol onto the nut ten minutes before you get to surface helps keep you from freezing off. Print flat. No supports. Add a 1/4" X 3.5" long nut and bolt. If you are wondering about the undercut it's so the gauge slides over hammer strikes on the edge of the Bowen nut. This helps prevent false readings if the edge of the nut is damaged. I use this during coil tubing. 

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