World Gym Account Barcode Key Tag Holder

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Summary A friend of mine goes to World Gym. I do not. They were telling me that the keychain tag that has the account barcode are really, really flimsy. They get damaged easily and they are expensive to have replaced. So he asked me to create a holder for him to keep his key tag safe. This does snap together, but I will lay odds that it will come apart at some bad time. I recommend that you super glue it closed. You could easily liberate your key tag at a later time, should the need arise. I will work on a more reliable snap together fit. Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: No Infill: 100% linear. Notes: I was lucky enough to get a leftover piece of granite counter top that fits over the table that my printer sits on. This is good for two reasons: First, it gives the table some substantial weight, and stiffness, and I do not have any vibration problems; Secondly, when I take a hot piece of plastic off of the print bed, I press it hard against the cold granite table top, and it cools the part quickly as I flatten the part out. Ever since I started doing this, my thin parts are more flat. Post-Printing Might want to glue it shut. It snaps together, but I would suggest using super glue to keep it from coming apart. What I call the cover, has the hole for the barcode to show through. The other part, I call the bottom. Carefully put super glue around the outside rim of the bottom piece. The outside rim will fit inside the cover. Squoosh it together for a minute to make sure the fit is tight and to remove any creaking. How I Designed This Photocopied the tag. Traced it in Blender. I will work on the snap together fit.

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