Butterfly Coasters - Multi Colour with one Nozzle!

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Summary 3D Print yourself a kaleidoscope of butterflies with ease, and with just a single nozzle printer!!! The holder as shown in image 2 is also available for free download over at www.pongostore.com If you like what we create then please please do follow us we have lots more to share with you in the coming months :) The process: It will become apparent when you download the file that the surface of the butterfly coaster is not one flat plane. You can also see this in the close up image of our orange coaster above. This undulating surface is key to the process and is what enables us to create the visual multi colour finish with a single nozzle machine. Simply start your print with the desired first colour, again if you refer to the close up image above you will see that we started with our Sunflower Yellow. Now all you need to do is keep an eye on your print and once you see the stepped layers appearing on the surface, you can then change your filament colour, in our case it was white. If you have a pause feature on your machine then this is the best (and safest) way to change the filament, but it is possible on some machines (and this is how we did it in testing) to simply change the filament without stopping the print process, but you do need to be careful as your print head will be constantly moving whilst you do this! All you then need to do is watch your second colour print and then if desired you could also add a third colour to your print but be careful not to leave it too late because if your top layers are too thin then your previous colour will show through on the surface. For best results on the last colour we recommend changing the filament colour no later than 85% of the way through the print. This allows for a good 2 to 3 final layers at 0.2 resolution. For the holder we simply printed ours in our Clear Water filament but I am sure this would look great in any colour.

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