Decorative Cherry Blossom Button


Derived from a vector graphic of the Sakura Blossom emoji:

imported into and edited with Tinkercad.

Threads should be from the center hole and outward, giving the impression of flower pistils, hence not being symmetrical. This may be a tight squeeze for a 4mm yarn needle, but the yarn should compress enough to allow all five connections to be made. Similarly, while the smallest version lacks a center hole (as its unaltered from the original) it's easy enough to use a thread that matches your color of choice.

Design Files

File Size

Sakura Button double 50.stl
80.7 KB
Sakura Button double 70.stl
84.5 KB
Sakura Button direct.stl
42.7 KB
Sakura Button 4mm.stl
66 KB


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