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Summary Inspired by the Hairy Lion by by primoz, I decided to try my hand at making a hariy 3D printable Cousin-It from the Adams Family. This is printed at 0.2 mm layer height, with a 0.4 mm nozzle at 10% infill. No supports on the main body. I recommend printing the glasses with the small posts down with supports. I recommend printing the hat with the square front part facing up with supports. (I originally did it with the top of the hat down with supports, but trying to get them out of the small hole in the square was a pain.) The most difficult part of this process is trying to cut the hairs, many broke off my model. I would suggest using a blade with a wider width than the one I used here. Also, you might want to try to only cut a few layers at a time. ABS might be a little better than PLA as far as breaking off the hairs. It's trick, but you have to cut all of the hairs away from the disposable cylinder that surrounds the model. I then put the model into my sink, boiled some water in a kettle, poured the hot water over the main body and used an oven mitt to shape the hairs. Then I repeated this, but used a pair of needle nose pliers to shape the hairs around the eye holes so the glasses could be placed into them. Be careful not to deform the base too much, it might be a little too thin for PLA (mine warped a bit when I was pushing down the hairs with the oven mitt.) I would suggest using super glue to make sure the glasses stay in place after the body has dried. I have included the FreeCAD file so you can use it to figure out how the hairs were made and modify it if you desire. (I am tinkering with the idea of trying to do a Captain Caveman too...but make no promises.) If you like 3D Printing, please check out my website at:

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