Transhumeral (above-elbow) limb loss/difference model for prosth


Summary This is a (partial) anatomy model meant to be used for in silico design, or actual 3D printing (FDM compatible) for scale demonstration of prosthetic components/prototypes (sockets, suspension methods, prosthetic elbows/wrists, terminal hand devices, etc). The socket element(s) in the pictures are NOT part of the model. Following 3D printing of the model in HIPS, they were added/sculpted on using Super Sculpey and baking at 275F (which does not harm the HIPS model). Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: Mini Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 20% Notes: The small disk underlying the distal/furthermost aspect of the residual limb (stump) is there to help with support, if using FDM printing, and can be removed easily following fabrication. How I Designed This Source: Modified in Tinkercad environment (with inadvertent/obligate loss of surface resolution/smoothness).

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